Cyber Security

    -- For Incident Response 

    -- Infrastructure Protection


A trusted vendor to some of the worlds largest network operators and data centre warehouse organisations to provide efficient, highly scalable network visibility tools based on open source technologies, including 100Gbps flow generation (100G Flow Probe) and Suricata powered intelligent record at 40Gbps (CERNE) for incident response, traffic capture and threat detection in real time at scale up to multiples of 100Gbps.

IP Flow Probe

Monitors network in real-time to diagnose network issues and maintain security with ultra high performance IP Flow Probe

MPAC Security

Enhanced 400Gbps capture card, offloading signature detection,significantly increasing performance by accelerating IDS Application and Open source Suricata. 


CERNE Open IDS Platform

Powerful Open IDS platform with on demand capture,delivers IDS Alerts and complete TCP and UDP session data for rapid incident response analysis.

MPAC Security