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Smart Meters

Streamcode’s SMART METER is an ideal device for taking automated meter readings from legacy devices to the next level of automation. It is aimed for energy suppliers, utility meter operators, commercial and industrial users, municipal property managers, and smart home system providers. It provides unobstructed view of source meter thanks to the unique pivoted mounting bracket and clear tape mount.

Key Features:

  • Without REPLACEMENT of existing mechanical and electrical meter.

  • Support of existing technologies for data transfer (LPWAN).

  • Long battery life > 7 years for indoor or outdoor installation.

  • Business Intelligent for Reporting & Analytics.

  • No need for expensive civil works.

  • Real time readings for flexible Billing & Tariff plans

  • Any new radio technology can be integrated (LoRA, NB-IoT, RPMA, Zigbee, SigFox etc.)


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