Disruptive NewSpace Affordable Communication via innovative nano-satellites

Reseller Agreement signed between Stream-code and Sky and Space Global Ltd to strengthen "SAS" progression to monetize its Nano-satellites once launched into space.

Sky and Space Global at a Glance

Sky and Space Global (ASX:SAS) is a disruptive NewSpace company set to provide

affordable communications via innovative nano-satellites

Targeting the telecom market (B2B) through use of sophisticated nano-satellite design and proprietary software to enable significantly cheaper narrow-band communication services

The solution is fully developed and three satellites have already been launched into orbit as a proof of concept for the management software & network Sky and Space Global is the first company in the world to build & operate a commercial telecom network via nano-satellites

Led by an experienced team comprised of satcom and telecom industry leaders

Award winning technology – Global Excellence (2017), People’s NewSpaceCompany (2016 and 2018), Frost & Sullivan Innovation Award (2016), Frost & Sullivan Global Nanosatellites Company of the Year (2018)

#Cummunication #Nanosatellites #DisruptiveTechnology

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