Call Completion Suite

A Stimulus to your Voice Revenue

A Complete Stimulus To Your Voice Revenue... 

// Revenue Enhancer Products

// Revenue Enhancer Products

Network Audit and Optimization

Rocket Bank - Mobile Payment

Call Completion Suite 

  • One platform for all types of call completion services

  • Fast rollout and time to market, revenue share business model

Network Audit and Optimization

Technical network audit & optimization are necessary to judge the network performance and maintain network quality standards. The network audit identifies inconsistencies or limitations in current overall network design, helps to improve processes resulting in optimized network and improved quality of service. Technical Network audit includes many aspects of network like performance, neighbor, parameter, frequency, competitive benchmark audits and usually calls End to End (E2E) audit because all services and technologies are under investigation.

Voice - Booster For Telecom

AI- Enabled Voice Communication Platform for Telecom

  • Monetization:We recover lost revenue from outgoing traffic (MO) & incoming traffic ( MT)

  • Voice Booster Bots : Next generation AI Service platform with real time signaling and traffic processing based on 3GPP standards

  • 100% result oriented 

// Value Added Services


M-Karoke is an ideal service for all music lovers. The patented innovative real time scoring technology, entertains and offers aspiring singers an ideal platform to record their favorite songs or albums in their own voice, using their mobile phones and get rated scientifically by the system.

MoBFin- Rocket Bank

A new model -Light bank approach -turns cost structure and time-to-market upside down.Rocket Bank focuses on great user experience and usability for emerging wave of Mobile & Social Networks users.